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Short Winter Reprieve in Charleston

My husband and I took a wonderful 3-day trip to Charleston, SC to escape the winter doldrums of Pennsylvania. Although our state is picturesque and quaint, we sometimes need to escape to see how others live and explore the food, architecture, and sites of new locations.

My Fitbit certainly got a workout for this trip! Just the steps in the airport both directions in this trip were significant, but, with the downtown location of our beautiful hotel, Mills House Wyndam), exploring was always on foot.

Day 1 found us spending the morning exploring the downtown area, including the shops on King Street. We also spend some time making sure we could find the spot where we were to meet our first tour group that afternoon at the Cumberland St. Smokehouse. Later that afternoon as we entered the restaurant we combined with a welcoming group of 15 other tourists and our tour guide for the Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour. What a great time that was! We visited four different restaurants with samplings of traditional Southern foods, ending with a delectable dessert at the famous Kaminski’s Bakery. With samples of multiple foods, we certainly did not want any supper that evening, but decided some type of entertainment was in order so, after consulting with the concierge, we walked a few blocks to the acclaimed restaurant High Cotton for some live music. We returned there again the next night for some live jazz.

Day 2 included a full-day tour to the Magnolia Plantation. The tour was very interesting and the history of the plantation, along with a shuttle tour that took us by former slave quarters and ponds with many alligators visible (and invisible), strolling through the gardens, and a narrated tour of the home was great! It seemed that it was necessary to sample some seafood while we were there, so we had a great dinner at the Amen Grill.


Day 3 was a short day because we were heading to the airport at 4:30, but we made reservations at one of the top rated restaurants, Magnolia, for a late lunch. We spent the morning exploring architecture of homes, churches, mansions by the water, and cemeteries. (I’m always fascinated by old gravestones and found some dated to the 1600s).

What a great trip! We can’t wait to go back!



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